A Christmas Eve moon landing


Loki relaxing in front of the tree. An edited version of this pic wound up being our Christmas card cover art this year.

When we’re pushing ourselves way out of our comfort zone, Colleen and I like to recall that saying, “Aim for the stars and you’ll at least land on the moon.”

Or something to that effect. It works for us, and it worked for me this holiday season. I had a couple of over-the-top running and diet goals in the days leading up to Christmas, and while I ultimately failed at both, I’m landing in a pretty good place – no holiday weight gain and a bunch more mileage than I would’ve had otherwise.

Was it nuts to try to replicate my old 90 miles in 9 days project, this time using a run/walk format, during such an insanely busy time? Up until Day 8 I honestly thought I’d get there. Even after getting sick on Day 7, which limited me to 2 miles that day, I had a plan to break the mileage up: 4 4-mile increments each of the last two days.

It didn’t happen. I finished with 63 miles, 27 short. But it was interesting and kinda exciting to have a big old Secret Santa of a fitness challenge, and I don’t know that I wouldn’t try it again.

As for the “different diet every day leading up to Christmas Eve” plan – which didn’t technically add up to 12 days, that was just a catchy title for my last blog post – I managed to stick to my diet of the day five days out of eight. Could’ve done better there for sure. If I tried that one again – and I’m pretty sure I will, cause it was kinda fun and seems like it could work pretty well with practice – I’d want to make sure I had provisions on hand for each day’s diet.

That was the single thing that tripped me up the most. As long as I had plenty of diet-approved options on hand, I managed to stay pretty focused. But if I had to scrounge, that’s when my focus began to waver.

The other thing is choosing the best diet plan to fit whatever was going on that day. Again, that would improve with practice. I am definitely not  going to wait until next Christmas to try this again.

Gotta run, lots to do. Merry Christmas everyone, and I’ll report back with more details on which specific diets I followed in a later post.

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