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Running shoe coup: Shopping local pays off

I must admit I was tempted, when I needed to take one of the kids for some gear at Dick’s Sporting Goods recently, to see if I could find a deal on running shoes. I tried on a couple of pairs, … Continue reading

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Getting paid to run a race

I love the River City Rat Race, with its gorgeous autumn views of all three Fort Wayne rivers, but it didn’t look like it was going to work out this year. Nobody was available to run it with me, I … Continue reading

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A Star Trek geek dietary model

I wonder if this is too clunky of an idea to translate to anyone else, or if it only works for my own geeky visualization-dependent brain, but here goes: Lately I’ve been thinking about a dietary model of “saucer separation” … Continue reading

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Does Adidas’ “Boost” technology last longer than other running shoes?

Do the Adidas Boost genre of running shoes last longer — or is it just me? I’ve been intending to get a new pair of running shoes for a while, but as the frugal mom in a family of six … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: Running for science

By Colleen, age 13 I recently came across a book on creativity that talks about Albert Einstein. It mentioned that Einstein constantly pondered puzzles, and that the reasons he made discoveries no one else did was simply because he investigated … Continue reading

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Python incident derails trail running momentum

I was so proud of myself over the weekend for silently leaping over a snake on a trail run. No scream. No spasms. No hyperventilating. As I told my sister, who never even saw it but wondered what was up … Continue reading

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Martian Potato Diet update

Technically, the Martian Potato Diet was a failure. After four days of eating nothing but potatoes, I lost 1.8 pounds – not enough to meet my 3-pound goal for a Chocolate Peanut Plus shake at Ivanhoe’s on Saturday night. Of … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: Today’s my first day as a TEENAGER!

By Colleen, age 13 (as of today) Growing up can be good or bad. Personally, I know that I should cherish childhood while I can. People can argue multiple ways about wanting to grow up or not. Too many people … Continue reading

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Why I’m switching to the Martian Potato Diet

With three days and three pounds to go before my self-imposed weight-loss deadline – if I don’t make it I don’t get ice cream at Ivanhoe’s when we go to my nephew’s football game at Taylor University Saturday – I’m … Continue reading

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The best mental toughness movie ever

If I were stranded on Mars and needed to make my rations last X number of days until a supply ship could be sent, could I trust myself not to stress out and go on a binge? Doubtful. One of … Continue reading

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