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Treat tradition defangs Halloween chomping

The kids and I still don’t know for sure whether we’re heading over to Manchester University this evening to trick or treat at “Haunted Garver,” Rowan’s dorm, or going candy hunting closer to home. We know what we’re doing tomorrow, … Continue reading

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A dietitian elaborates on controlling sweets

There is no doubt that I spend way too much time thinking about eating, but the more thought I give to the process, the better I get at it. With this in mind, I finally decided to ask dietitian Marcia … Continue reading

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The River City Rat Race

We could hear him coming at least a block away. His breathing was awe-inspiring, regular and rhythmic but heavy and powerful, more like a beast than a human. Then he pulled up beside us: It was Michael Myers, the mass … Continue reading

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Billionaire’s Bacon Pizza: Regular vs. ‘Lite’

Earlier this week I was editing a food story on bacon butter pizza that simultaneously repulsed yet captivated me. I wasn’t really interested in the 1,000- calories-a-serving “meat candy” pie, but I was tempted to try to streamline it. Fast-forward to … Continue reading

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Flippers to the rescue

Mel, the pool minder, had seen enough. She’d been watching my sister and I flailing away during adult lap swim without commenting much, but finally a week or so ago she emerged from her office with a pair of flippers. … Continue reading

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A license to lose

I made weigh-in again this month, but just barely. I keep thinking I need something else to motivate me, but simply trying for a better racing weight doesn’t seem to work. For one thing, I got a 5K PR this … Continue reading

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From alcoholic to cycling fanatic: Fit Recovery’s ‘Big Daddy Jim’

The blogger known as Fit Recovery has beaten booze, cigarettes and soda guzzling en route to become a cyclist who churns out hundreds of miles a month during the season. In September his 684 miles were good enough for first … Continue reading

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Time crunch leads to new running game

Fifteen minutes til I need to hit the shower and start a busy day. I’d really like to get in a run, but I can’t think of anything workable. Strangely, I’ve never mapped out a mile course originating from our … Continue reading

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Deep-sea discovery in diet ice cream

I was picking up a sale carton of Breyer’s diet ice cream this week when I discovered vanilla comes in both yin and yang versions: one with no fat and one with no sugar. Each registers 2 Weight Watchers points … Continue reading

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90in9 Challenge update

Based on yesterday’s 25-mile ride, the two biggest obstacles to Traci and I doing 90 miles in nine hours — an event we’re currently planning for Nov. 2, with a backup date of Nov. 4 — are the wind and … Continue reading

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