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Getting more mileage from my bike-race pasta

I loved the idea of cooking up the pasta giveaway from the previous Sunday’s Colavita Time Trial as my pre-triathlon meal. But as a former fat girl, pre-race meals make me kinda nervous. I don’t want anything too fabulous because … Continue reading

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Smoked by a 65-year-old

So I was taking a closer look at our splits from Sunday’s triathlon when I made two discoveries: 1. For some reason that was an 11 mile bike course instead of the usual 12 miles (20K), so our 1:41:42 time … Continue reading

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The potassium puzzle

Q. Which of these contains the most potassium? A. I’m beginning to think it doesn’t matter much. But for what it’s worth, the coffee creamer has just as much potassium as the vitamin tablet (80 mg. each) and more than … Continue reading

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Lake swimming and mental toughness

Should I be concerned that I swallowed water at least three times (that I know of) during Sunday’s triathlon swim in a lake the Indiana Department of Natural Resources lists as having 10 times the level of potentially deadly blue-green … Continue reading

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Tri the (freaking frigid!) Creek

It’s 36 degrees as we pull into Potato Creek State Park near South Bend Sunday morning. Steam’s rising off the water, which has plummeted 5 degrees in four days to a chilly 67. Most of us are in wetsuits of … Continue reading

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Seduced by a stripped-down smoothie

So there I was after my 13.1 mile run the other day*, in the McDonald’s drive thru lane seeking what had to be my 100th lowfat vanilla cone of 2012, when that line from the Yonanas ad played in my … Continue reading

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The DIY Mini-Marathon

What was I thinking, running a mini-marathon just four days before a sprint triathlon? Even more baffling, why did my sister agree to this deranged plan? The original concept was to run the Parlor City Trot Labor Day weekend, then … Continue reading

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Another ‘little thing that adds up to a big loss’

In this week’s News-Sentinel column I wrote about some of the little things that made a big difference during my weight loss. Here’s one I forgot to include: The importance of coming up with a “closer” — something I could … Continue reading

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Michael Dobson’s 100-mile challenge

When I wrote yesterday about the difference between how runners and cyclists handle “equipment failure” during a race, I immediately thought of Michael Dobson, who somehow managed to finish this year’s London Marathon despite suffering a calf muscle strain with … Continue reading

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Masquerading as a Colavita Time Trial cyclist

I figured Sunday’s 20K time trial would make a great tuneup for next Sunday’s sprint triathlon at Potato Creek State Park. And it was. Yet as I pedal warm-up laps around the Lancaster Elementary parking lot, I can’t help noticing … Continue reading

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