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Annie’s 7-year, 200-pound weight-loss journey

Annie Giddens started her weight-loss journey about the same time I did, in January 2010. Seven years later, she’s lost 218 pounds, with “six or seven” to go. I met Annie last week, during an interview for this week’s News-Sentinel … Continue reading

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Using ‘workout mode’ to tackle an unpleasant task

Why is it that I can embrace all kinds of pure fitness workouts, but I have to trick myself into a grueling, cumbersome task like getting out the heavy 12-foot step ladder and cleaning gutters? When our son’s not off … Continue reading

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Synching mind and body on an impromptu 3-day fast

  I’ve been reflecting quite a bit, during an unplanned three-day fast, on the nature of that “when one door closes another one opens” concept.   Seems like I’d no sooner got in a groove with an injury-recovery workout routine … Continue reading

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The ‘FitBit effect’on a family gathering

When we arrived at my parents’ house for dinner yesterday, four or five people who on any other given Sunday might be planted around a chip bowl trying out a new dip were zooming around the house racking up FitBit … Continue reading

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A cross-training plan for January

Inspired by a lingering case of plantar fasciitis and  the legions of FitBit evangelists who’ve emerged during the holidays, my plan for January is temporarily switching from a running-based fitness plan to one that emphasizes four mini workouts per day. … Continue reading

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