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Is there any future in this?

So does the 90in9 challenge concept continue, given that we failed slightly last year (missing our 90-mile cycling deadline by 9 minutes) and MASSIVELY this year, missing our 90-mile run/walk goal by a “mere” 40 miles? Good question. My sister … Continue reading

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90in9 Challenge: The sordid details

The route Dad’s drawn up for our 90in9 Challenge reminds me of rural trick-or-treating. Who knew you could burn up 90 miles without ever leaving familiar childhood terrain? Trouble is, our course needs to change even before we begin, because … Continue reading

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90-miler mix-up results in 9-minute miss

I’ll post the sordid details of our 90in9 Challenge Monday, but the short form is this: Yes, we got it done, which was kind of amazing since this was at least three times longer than any bike ride I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Mining self gratification for ‘transferable skills’

Did my kids resent how much time I spent running during the 90in9 project? It’s a reasonable question. Logging 10 miles took a nearly two-hour chunk out of every day, and that’s not counting how long it took me to … Continue reading

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How to run 90 miles without losing weight

Here’s something I never expected: Last week, the day after I completed the 90in9 challenge — running 90 miles in nine days — was the first time in more than a year that I didn’t feel like I would be … Continue reading

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