My new go-to breakfast


I call this concoction “Oat-eos.” It’s a name I stole from Bob’s Uncle Rick, who also loves to top his Cheerios with flakes of uncooked oatmeal. 

I’ve always loved cereal, but hate the way it fails to fill me up unless I eat a big bowl of it – usually at least twice the recommended serving size.

Because of that, I pretty much gave up cereal for breakfast several years ago, eating it only as a treat or sometimes as a simple dinner.

But lately I’ve come up with a breakfast cereal combination that works so well I’ve been eating it almost every day: I combine half a cup of Cheerios with ½ cup uncooked oatmeal to provide extra fiber and bulk, then dunk my spoon in the peanut butter jar (aiming for around a tablespoon but usually not bothering to measure). Top with a generous amount of milk.


I must confess, I also like the way the bright yellow box cheers up the top of the fridge (which is not generally a very optimistic space).

I love the way the Cheerio rings and oat flakes stick to the milky peanut butter on my spoon. The first few bites I just nibble at the cereal-encrusted peanut butter, which I kind of think of as a nutritious lollipop — though now that I think about it I guess it’s actually a lot more like the tootsie roll center, given the gooey-chewy factor.

At around 400 calories — or even 500, if I’m overly generous with the peanut butter — this is obviously not a low calorie bowl of cereal. But the peanut butter and oats really fill me up, way more than Cheerios ever do.

Besides, I don’t mind eating 500 calories at breakfast because that’s usually when I’m most hungry. Most days I would much rather eat a light dinner than a light breakfast.