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Fruitless fuel stops lead to road malaise

When you pull into a McDonald’s anywhere on the planet you can reasonably expect to find a Big Mac on the menu. But stopping at a convenience store — even a familiar brand like Marathon or BP — is a … Continue reading

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The ‘random drug test’ vacation weigh-in

I packed the bathroom scale in my suitcase for this trip to Florida, just like we did when we went to New Mexico over Spring Break. Only this time my regular Monday night  weigh-in got derailed by a day trip … Continue reading

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A barefoot run on the beach

Went for my first barefoot run yesterday on the beach here at Venice, Fla., where we’re visiting Bob’s cousin Dan and his wife, Toni. It’s a beautiful beach, with lots of deep, soft sand. The water in the Gulf of … Continue reading

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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: The girl who hates sugar

So we’re on our way to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fla., when we discover we’ve got a theme park attraction right here in the van with us: Rowan’s friend Brittany Caldwell, the girl who hates sugar. The clues have been … Continue reading

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The emperor’s new running shoes

So far the primary effect of my new Adidas Adizero Sonics is they’ve given me a greater appreciation for my old running shoes — including this indefatigable pair of Crocs I experimented with back when I first read Christopher McDougall’s … Continue reading

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We rate dressed-up dates

With all the food products in this world that purport to be healthier than they are, you just gotta love an energy bar that slaps pet dessert names on what are, in reality, little more than rectangular servings of dried … Continue reading

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Embrace the heat

Everybody quit griping already and see this heat wave for what it is: An opportunity to make some real headway if you’re trying to lose weight. Rowan was joking this week about being on the “horse show diet,” noting the … Continue reading

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Banana junkie

It’s scary how dependent I’ve become on bananas as a primary source of fuel. I eat at least one every single day, but usually it’s more like two or three. (My record is four). They don’t cost me anything in … Continue reading

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‘Normal People’ Notebook: Deactivating guilt

Every time I interview someone I study their behavior, looking for strategies or mindsets I could adapt on my personal quest to learn to eat like a “normal person.“ The most obvious thing I learned from looking over Ian’s interview … Continue reading

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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: the Piano Man

Ian McKinney doesn’t  devote much time or energy to food, which frees up his brain cells for more important tasks  — like heckling would-be spammers and showing people how to play the piano without first teaching them to read music. … Continue reading

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