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2 keys to sticking to a diet

Before we started Wells Weighs In, Wednesdays were my “experimental diet” day. It’s not like I attempted a new diet every Wednesday. But if there was something I was curious about it, that’s when I tried it. A few weeks … Continue reading

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Historian Jon Pontzius’ dietary philosophy

When I first met historian, sculptor and retired social worker Jon Pontzius, I figured he was in his 50s. Turns out he’s 72. Pontzius attributes his energy and good health to a dietary regimen based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, … Continue reading

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DIY mud run

My sister Traci and I were talking the other day about how we couldn’t wait to get back out on the trails “once they dry out a bit.” And then I heard about this women-only “mud run” where they purposefully … Continue reading

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A dollhouse-sized king cake

Is it possible to make a king cake out of a single crescent roll? The answer appears to be yes — though I should note that I’ve neither made nor consumed (nor even seen) a real live king cake before … Continue reading

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Colleen lays down the law

Colleen refused to let me make a king cake on Fat Tuesday. “Mom, are you nuts?” she asked. “It’s only two days til weigh in!” It’s probably a good thing she intervened, because all four members of the Fitness Protection … Continue reading

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A tale of two socks

One was a trendy pair of rainglo-colored Reebok knee socks like all the cool sports chicks wear. The other was a pair of dull gray wool Lands End socks like my grandpa would’ve worn. The rainglo Reeboks were just unwrapped … Continue reading

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Imagine the possibilities

What if everybody blogged? I posed a similar question in a running post last fall, in which I speculated that if everyone on the planet who was capable took up running — as human physiology was apparently designed to do … Continue reading

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How an ex-pro ‘footballer’ turned marathoner eats

Michael Dobson was captain of the professional British football team Walsall F.C. when it won the League 2 championship in 2007. But he was devastated that his biggest fan and harshest critic — his father — was too sick with … Continue reading

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Destination Run No. 1

Was it disrespectful to loop around my great-great grandfather’s tombstone and slap it like a game of tag at the turnaround of Friday’s run? I don’t think so. It wasn’t much of a “visit,” because I didn’t want to lose … Continue reading

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Rocky Ridge Pudding

I couldn’t resist picking up the Laura Ingalls Wilder Country Cookbook at the library the other day, even though it’s from an era when people needed a lot more calories to fuel their much more physical work. Just about every … Continue reading

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