Holiday run streak takes ambitious turn

This year’s holiday run streak has been through a ridiculous number of plot twists.

First it was going to be an all-outdoor streak in which I ran at least 1 mile per day with our seventh-grader. This was a lot of fun while it lasted. Braving the elements was exhilarating, as was running after dark gawking at all the holiday lights.
4But after our 22-year-old brought home a husky on Day 8, Colleen started running with Loki rather than waiting to figure out a time when we could run together. Which was a good thing, because Loki needs as much exercise as we can offer him. For several days running with Loki became my primary holiday run streak activity as well – until my back got stiff and sore from him yanking on the leash all the time.

Then last week I started fretting about whether with my dwindling mileage I’d be able to finish even the 10-mile “fun run” segment of the HUFF. I did a 10-mile run/walk time trial in 2:09, which boosted my confidence – only to discover, when I went to register, that the race had been sold out!

This was a huge bummer, as I’d love to make the HUFF an annual holiday tradition. I actually spent several hours contemplating an attempt at the 50K, which still had several slots left, despite the fact that I hadn’t run more than 6 miles or so at a time in the past two months. (It’s mostly mental, right?)

Ultimately I decided against such foolishness and embarked on an alternative ridiculous scheme: A replay of the 90 miles in 9 days project my sister and I completed in 2011 to mark the one-year anniversary of my weight loss.

I’m in no shape to embark on such a project, so this time around I’m allowing myself to run-walk or just plain walk as many of those miles as needed. (It helps having a treadmill, because I can basically get in a run of any distance and then just fill in here and there when I have a few spare minutes the rest of the day. Oh yes, working from home is another huge asset here as well.)

Today marks Day Seven of this little project, and I’m a bit behind, with 50 miles logged and 40 to go over the next three days.

As for the Holiday Run Streak, my current total is 97.25.

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