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WWI Week 10: Colleen makes her move

Given the green light to use the cardio equipment at the Y, six months ahead of the usual age 11 requirement, Colleen worked out four days in a row this week and wound up with a 3-pound loss after being … Continue reading

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Does age matter in yoga?

So I was googling the lotus pose yesterday — wondering whether I really have any hope of loosening up my stiff muscles at age 48 — when I come across this image of a lady I know must be in her mid-50s, judging from … Continue reading

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A dose of caffeinated reality

Everybody knows that standard coffeemakers don’t measure coffee the way modern humans do. Still, it was revealing to inadvertently set my largest measuring cup down next to the coffeemaker the other day and realize that they’re practically the same size … Continue reading

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Talisha the successful serial dieter

Every time I see Rowan’s friend Talisha, she’s on a new diet. But unlike most serial dieters, she’s actually making progress, having lost more than 60 pounds in an attempt to qualify for the military. A little over a year … Continue reading

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Running out of a jam on a family hike

I’d wanted to get in a run during our whirlwhind weekend at Turkey Run State Park, but this wasn’t what I had in mind: Jogging down the highway in jeans and Crocs, fetching the van to go “rescue” Bob and … Continue reading

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WWI Week 9: The scavenger in action

By the time Colleen and I get to the Indiana Pancake House after our team’s Thursday morning weigh-in, Traci’s already digging into her five-egg sausage omelet. With her spring break trip just hours away, Traci needs to eat and run. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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A 3-workout day — or just an active lifestyle?

In this week’s News-Sentinel column I talk about how to weave workouts into the things you already do, so that if one “scheduled” fitness session falls through, you’ve always got a built-in backup plan.  But the even cooler aspect to … Continue reading

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On books and binging

There ought to be a website that warns overeaters away from potentially dangerous books, much the way parental movie guides vet PG videos. I mean, I know enough to avoid a title like The Chocolate Snowman Murders when I’m in … Continue reading

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Hell-bent on letting go

The only way I can make it to my Monday yoga class on time is if I wear my yoga clothes under my work attire and strip off the outer layer as I’m getting out of the car. I’ve got … Continue reading

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The running-induced runny nose barrier

I used to think it was weird that I always come down with a bad cold on Thanksgiving Day. Based on my recent training for last weekend’s  treadmill race, now I know what’s really happening: Running-induced rhinitis. It could be … Continue reading

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