A collection of favorite recipes published on this blog. Some are healthy/low-cal recipes; others are family favorites that I list here because it’s a handy place to share info with family members.

So be forewarned: if a recipe falls under the “family favorites” heading, it likely is NOT low-cal.

It should also be noted that this is a work in progress; there are many recipes listed on this blog that don’t appear in this index … yet. Check back for updates.

Also, I apologize in advance for any crappy photos you may find. A lot of these pics were taken in the early days of this blog with a crappy phone camera.

Healthy recipes:

Cherry fritters that are just two Weight Watchers points. (Unless otherwise indicated, I’m referring to the old standard Weight Watchers points that were in use when I lost weight in 2010.)

Chocolate avocado pie. I took this to a ladies-night gathering at my friend Tinea’s house a few years ago, little realizing that her daughter Addison would be rocking NBC’s “The Voice” in 2017. Never figured out the calories or Weight Watchers points on this, but very healthy vegan ingredients like nuts, dates and agave nectar.

Fiber One haystack cookies. Four grams of fiber, three Weight Watchers points per cookie. Very tasty, super easy.

Honey balls. These aren’t necessarily low cal, but good fuel for hiking or workouts.


Low-sugar microwave jam.

Krabby patties. The kids made fun of these “crab burgers,” but I thought they were tasty.

Homemade Lara bars. Yum!

PBJ cookie burgers. These are huge and not low in calories, but I like the fact that no sugar or eggs are used.

Oatmeal breakfast cake: Hearty enough to hold in your hand to eat as you get ready in the morning; good enough to double as a dessert cake if topped with my caramel icing.



Family favorites:

Dawn's cranberries are a favorite holiday treat.

Dawn’s cranberries are a favorite holiday treat.

Aunt Dawn’s cranberry poppers,

beautiful bean dip, 

Ben’s favorite biscuits

Chocolate chip cheeseball snowman

Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins


Garlic monkey bread

Garlic monkey bread

Garlic Monkey bread

Grandma Jane’s cranberry chutney

Grandma Linda’s Amish breakfast casserole (“lite” and “fully loaded”)


Honey balls. Yep, these are listed above. But these are also “family favorites.”

Loco Moco. This is so good, but somehow it fell off our regular menu. Nee to make this again soon!

Maple bourbon pumpkin walnut pie, inspired by the Country Potter from Fort Wayne’s Johnny Appleseed Festival.

Pecan-topped pumpkin bars.

Strawberry cheese ball.

Zucchini pie

This strawberry cheeseball is great for the Fourth of July!

This strawberry cheeseball is great for the Fourth of July!

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