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Taking a few days off

Traci, Grandpa, Colleen, Me, Ben, Monroe and Madison at the Chimney Tops trailhead. We had a great time Sunday hiking up Chimney Tops trail in the Great Smoky Mountains, where we’re celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. (My brother and … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: Nature deficit disorder

Have you ever heard of nature deficit disorder? This is what happens when a kid does not get enough time outside. It can cause a bunch of behavioral problems and it can make you fat, stressed out and less creative, … Continue reading

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100-calorie candy store satisfaction

I’m not gonna lie: When I walked into a Huntington candy store disguised as a coffee shop late Tuesday afternoon, those gigantic homemade turtles sitting on a thick bed of pecans just inside the front door got my attention. Luckily, … Continue reading

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Tapping into the brain’s plasticity for weight loss

I wish I had a brain scan from before I lost weight so I could see how it would compare to what my brain looks like now. Based on an article in the December 2013 issue of Discover magazine, I … Continue reading

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Low-carb commuting update

I had to go in even earlier than usual to work yesterday, so I didn’t bother trying to ride my bike. But because that meant an earlier bedtime Sunday night, I left a gathering at my parents’ house early and … Continue reading

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The fine art of coming in last

In three races over the past week I’ve come in last, last and second to last. This is what happens when you’re the designated pack animal for a young runner in training, the person who carries the water bottle, provides … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: My 1st Real Triathlon!

Last Saturday I did my first real triathlon. It was really, REALLY tough! Iron Kid was easy compared to this! Actually, the swimming was kind of fun. I liked the snake-style, going down and back and down and back. It … Continue reading

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A new need for cycling speed

There’s nothing like  a newly activated driver’s license in the family to ramp up my interest in cycling. And the more I ride to actually get somewhere — rather than just for fun and fitness – the more motivated I … Continue reading

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Eating with electrons in mind

Stress generates free radicals, which storm your body looking for an electron they can steal, leaving damaged cells in their wake. Antioxidants come equipped with an extra electron that can neutralize free radicals. Which means that … When you eat … Continue reading

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A 21-mile bike ride home from work

I’d been nervous about riding my bike to work because of the distance, darkness and time involved. But when training for a new computer system had my husband and I both scheduled to go into the office at 10 a.m. late … Continue reading

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