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5 fun gifts for good health

1. Fitness hoop All kinds of people who never dreamed they could hula hoop are taking up fitness hooping after trying these over-sized, weighted hoops that make it fun, easy — and burn up to 600 calories an hour. In … Continue reading

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From zero to 300 hoop rotations in just 1 day

So you now how yesterday I was saying these fitness hoops are easier to get the hang of than the old cheap plastic kind? Well … after just one day, Colleen, 9, was up to a family record 311 continuous … Continue reading

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Fitness hoops eliminate klutz factor

For weeks now I’d been hoping to check out Fort Wayne Hoopnotica, a hula hoop fitness group that meets every Wednesday evening. Last night the stars finally aligned and I was able to give it a whirl. And you know … Continue reading

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Interview: Weight-loss master* turned hula hoop guru

Five years ago Linda Tobey Duesler was 58 years old, 264 pounds and suffering so badly from arthritis she was walking with a cane. Now more than 110 pounds lighter, she’s teaching Fort Wayne to hula hoop for fun and … Continue reading

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