Favorite races

Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon


The Waterfall 5K. That’s me on the right.

The HUFF 50K trail race

The Swiss Days 5K

The Waterfall 5K Trail Race

The Galloping Gobbler

The Parlor City Trot Half Marathon

The W.O.O.F. Trail Run

The 90in9 challenge:

In which my sister and I mark the 1-year anniversary of my having lost 90 pounds in 9 months by running 90 miles in 9 days:

Day 1: 12.3 miles down, 77.7 to goDay 2: River City Rat Race + 4, Day 3: Running Laps for Cancer, Day 4: Hiding the mileage from your mind, Day 5: On the run from the authorities, Day 6: Hitting 60 in deafening silence, Day 7: Earning an early morning doughnut, Day 8: Into the woods, Day 9: The end game

Some of my favorite posts:

The toughest athletes no one ever sees.

Running away from the “ladies who lunch” social construct.

What if everyone were a runner?

Running in an alternate universe.

A bad idea evolves into a good run.

How to make beetroot juice taste like grape juice.


Legendary cross country coach Bob Milton

Veep Races’ Mitch Harper on organizing a race and his philosophy of food.

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