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Better than an elephant ear

My kids LOVE this treat. Rivers of melted “butter” and cinnamon sugar ooze over the chewy, uneven terrain as you munch. Sometimes the kids share one, as often happens with a real elephant ear, cutting it into fourths for a … Continue reading

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A tasty calorie-saving substitution

I HATE feeling deprived. So just about every single day since I started my weight-loss quest last January, I’ve made sure to eat something that feels like a “treat.” Looking back, I wonder if I could’ve lost all that weight … Continue reading

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Team Caylor drops 14.1 pounds in Week 1

For some reason Wells Weighs In only has official weigh-ins once a month. As Team Caylor’s coach, I’m conducting informal weekly home weigh-ins to keep everybody on track. Ben was Team Caylor’s “biggest loser” this week, dropping 5.8 pounds. No … Continue reading

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How to succeed despite screw-ups

Looking back, my 38 straight weeks of weight loss feels like an “undefeated season” in sports. Weight Watchers had equipped me with a new game plan that obviously worked, so long as I tallied my points. And it was easy … Continue reading

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Ice cream for breakfast!

Friday was Team Caylor’s first full day on the Wells Weighs In program, and Colleen, 8, was super motivated — but also super hungry. She needed a satisfying breakfast fast, before she started gobbling something high calorie. Trouble is, she’s … Continue reading

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Get paid to lose weight

Did you know that if you have PHP health insurance you can earn $500 for losing just 10 percent of your body weight — plus another $1,000 if you keep it off for a year? It’s true! I got my … Continue reading

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Better than a peanut buster parfait

One of the funnest aspects of Weight Watchers, for me, was deciding what to eat for a post-weigh in meal. I weighed in on Monday evenings — still do, every week — and because I saved most of my day’s … Continue reading

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Eat your vitamins

I never used to be very good about taking a vitamin supplement. It’s a hassle with no tangible payback, just a vague sense of “following the official script” of being a do-gooder grownup. Then it occurred to me I could … Continue reading

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DIY serving sizes

Everybody knows serving sizes as depicted on nutrition labels aren’t designed with consumers in mind so much as to fulfill regulations and shine the most flattering light on a product. I’ve seen prepackaged muffins that purport to contain two servings. … Continue reading

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Weighing in on weighing in

Great. Everybody in our family but me is on a team for Wells Weighs In. Which means that they all get to work out for free once a week at the YMCA — and I don’t. I am, however, going … Continue reading

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