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How Philosophy Professors Eat: Manchester’s Steve Naragon

So we’re taking Rowan on a visit to Manchester College, and naturally I can’t resist lining up a chat with the professor who teaches environmental philosophy, a course that incorporates food ethics. “I’m not sure if I’ll have much that … Continue reading

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Ode to an unassuming running hero

I’d been hoping to interview Fred Liechty at some point, to get his perspective on logging 85,000 miles without ever investing in a “real” pair of running shoes. Unfortunately, Fred, who’d moved to Goshen, Ind., to be near his children, … Continue reading

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Inheriting freezers, corn and eating habits

I always assumed that both my frugality and compulsion to overeat could be traced back to my maternal Grandmother, who grew up so Depression-scarred that I discovered, upon inheriting her freezer, a Tupperware container of leftover corn literally no bigger … Continue reading

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Grooving on the Great Cauliflower Alfredo Goof

So we botched the Cauliflower Alfredo recipe from the Dr. Oz show and accidentally made it healthier than intended. Luckily, it was still so good that we were scraping the”sauce” off the sides of the bowl. And I really do … Continue reading

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‘Fitness Protection Program’ drops 18 pounds in Week 1

This first week with the Fitness Protection Program, our family’s team in the Wells Weighs In contest at the local Y, has been an adjustment — at least for me. On the one hand, I feel like this year’s members … Continue reading

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‘Survivor’ Racquetball

I have no idea how to play racquetball. But I see that as an asset right now, in terms of burning calories. According to, “competitive” racquetball burns 700-800 calories per hour*, depending on your weight, whereas “casual” smacking the … Continue reading

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Another 3 foods I’ve kicked off my diet

I like to eliminate foods in threes, and for some reason it works even better if I can find a common theme or way to group them. These latest deletions were all things that I ate last week in a … Continue reading

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How Runners Eat: ‘Bearrunner’ of Nova Scotia

Bearrunner is a marathoner from Nova Scotia prone to whining about the weather — though in his defense the air up there registered a windchill of minus-22 recently, so who can blame him? During the coldest part of winter he’s … Continue reading

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Embracing the elements

Nothing kick-starts your Adrenalin after a long layoff like running down an unplowed road in a 17-degree snowstorm. “Just remember,” I shouted to Ben, who reluctantly agreed to accompany me, “they run marathons at the South Pole!” I’d been feeling … Continue reading

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Belated book for belated blog anniversary

Funny how the one-year anniversary of this blog came and went this past week without my noticing. January 19 marked one year for the blog, two years since the official start of my weight loss. But this has been a … Continue reading

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