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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: Mad Bread guitarist Carl Broman

Carl Broman is the quintessential renaissance man: Software wrangler for a Chicago nonprofit by day, guitarist in the folk-blues-bluegrass band Mad Bread by night, cartoonist for a cooking blog on the side — and did we mention his secret life … Continue reading

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Close call leads to running alert system

You would think, as much as my sister and I yak at each other on a run, that we’d be able to communicate about a potential medical emergency. But after a close call last week — in which I probably … Continue reading

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On going forward

I’ve been trying to think about why the world needs this blog. Obviously there are a lot of diet/fitness blogs out there. If I’m going to continue this one, I don’t really want to just rehash the same stuff everybody … Continue reading

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The ‘canned fat drive’ tornado bottleneck

It’s creepy and weird that in the time it’s taken us to figure out the best way to deliver the proceeds from our “canned fat drive” to the Alabama tornado victims, another monster killer tornado has struck. We got the … Continue reading

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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: the legendary Nash

For years I’ve heard my friend Skip allude to this mythical being named Nash, a lanky guy who possessed an almost supernatural immunity to culinary temptations. “He just isn’t moved by food in the way I am,” Skip lamented recently. … Continue reading

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A bad idea evolves into a good run

On National Bike to Work Day, I drive our biggest gas guzzler to a nearby trail to run laps. This isn’t a work day for me, and none of the operational bikes in our garage fit me particularly well. I … Continue reading

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When (and how) to scream

I adopted the term “scream weight” into my personal vocabulary within seconds after reading it in Dr. Barbara Berkeley’s book “Refuse to Regain.” It’s just so intuitively perfect, because everyone has a number that they really, really don’t want to … Continue reading

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Ben smitten by Hardee’s turkey burger

Thursday was a rare two-burger day for Ben. First he talked me into a quarter pounder with cheese after the final Wells Weighs In event, then he scored a Hardee’s turkey burger after that evening’s extra-innings baseball game. The only … Continue reading

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Team Caylor’s final weigh-in

Team Caylor left Bluffton Regional Medical Center after yesterday’s  final Wells Weighs In session feeling a bit like the Chicago Cubs. “We’ll do better next year,” Colleen vowed. “No,” said Ben, reflexively disagreeing with his little sister. But for once … Continue reading

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Does spinning make your butt bigger?

My sister swears it’s true — and I must say, her butt does look bigger since she started spinning classes a few months ago. If this is a myth, as most fitness instructors say, it’s a fairly prevalent one — … Continue reading

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