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Time for this vintage machine’s comeback?

Why would anybody ever step on a scale in public? Especially a scale as big as a grandfather clock, with the needle pointing to the numbers where the clock face would be, so that anybody within 10 feet could read … Continue reading

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At Dairy Queen, 2+2=1

Tuesdays are the day I let myself indulge a bit, so when we saw it was Dairy Queen’s last half-price sale of the winter, the kids and I decided to stop for a small treat. I was going to get … Continue reading

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Notes on “normal people”

I usually try to run interviews with “normal people” and their eating habits on Tuesdays, but I don’t have an interview lined up this week since we’re just getting back from spring break and back into our normal routine. So … Continue reading

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A new dream race

What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was dreaming of running the Swiss Days Race, a 5K in the nearby town of Berne, Ind. Now I’m dreaming of Global Running Culture’s Half Marathon in Santa Fe, … Continue reading

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The strawberries inside the infinite triangle

This is a true story from a few Saturdays ago, but like so many things it took me a while to figure out how to tell it. Last week on the drive back to Taos from the amazing ancient Indian … Continue reading

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Saving calories via art appreciation

There are two types of nachos in this world — structured and unstructured. Unstructured nachos, in my mind, are best represented by the ginormous pile of texture and goo they used to serve at the Acme Bar & Grill in … Continue reading

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Weighing in on the road

It wasn’t my idea to bring our bathroom scale along on spring break. That surely would’ve occurred to me at some point, to relieve anxiety about vacation weight gain. But Bob was the one who wrote it down on the … Continue reading

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Return to Jurassic Park

A dinosaur is stirring in my head. I thought I killed it years ago. I‘ve encountered its ghost many times since — a wisp of memory, the vague outline of an amputated habit. But now, even though I knew better, … Continue reading

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The high-tech weight-loss gadget you already own

Of the gazillions of products that Weight Watchers makes, the thing that tempted me most was this set of serving spoons that were secretly designed to double as measuring cups. They were pretty expensive, though, and I was looking to … Continue reading

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Interview with a weight loss “master”: My sister Traci

I’ve written before about what a vital role my sister Traci played in my weight-loss campaign, serving as my personal fitness trainer in my quest to run the 5K Swiss Days Race last year.  What I haven’t mentioned is that … Continue reading

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