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The toughest athletes no one ever sees

I’d been warned about the puke and the rain. But I wasn’t expecting tears. The first girls who burst into the finishing chute at this week’s middle school cross country meet at Norwell were mud-spattered, soaked and sobbing. Talk about … Continue reading

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The “Before” Photo

“You know, I can’t even remember what you looked like before you lost weight,” someone told me the other day. This is what I want to hear, right? This is what I wanted, back when I couldn’t bear to tell … Continue reading

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Naming your nemesis

I hate the word “binge.” I despise the images it conjures up. I even dislike the way it sounds — like a congealed leftover from my previous life. Lately I’ve been revising my dietary dictionary, substituting words and phrases that … Continue reading

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Interview: Weight-loss master* turned hula hoop guru

Five years ago Linda Tobey Duesler was 58 years old, 264 pounds and suffering so badly from arthritis she was walking with a cane. Now more than 110 pounds lighter, she’s teaching Fort Wayne to hula hoop for fun and … Continue reading

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What if everyone were a runner?

Can you imagine how grand this planet would be if everyone were a runner?  Obesity? Not a problem.  Depression?  Never heard of it.  Sluggishness?  Get the hell out. — From Bart Yasso’s book, My Life on the Run: The Wit, … Continue reading

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Veering off topic

I wasn’t going to post anything today. I’ve been thinking about changing up Sundays, just doing a quote or a short gratitude journal or something, or possibly just taking Sundays off altogether, the way I did this summer. But as … Continue reading

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Caramel apple sundae synthesis

You can’t blame the fake food industry for wanting to inject a little fall spirit into their lineup. Just don’t let them delude you into deducing that a caramel apple sundae is somehow better for you than a hot fudge … Continue reading

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Health class field trip to Bluffton Street Fair

The assignment:  Crunch the nutritional data on some typical festival desserts and find at least five alternatives to the king of the dietary disaster hill, the elephant ear. At one point, ordering one of those was standard operating procedure for … Continue reading

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The referee is always right

Lately it seems like I have a tendency to lowball entries in my food log. Every time that happens, I think of this phrase from a blogger who calls himself the Anti-Jared: “The house always wins.” Meaning: You can’t lie … Continue reading

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The long view

In yesterday’s Laudable Loser interview, Ralph Reinhart said that knowing he can eat regular meals every seventh day helps him stick to his diet the rest of the week. I call that the long view. It’s a pattern that’s shown … Continue reading

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