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My 10 favorite runs of 2012

Let’s do these in chronological order … 1. Running to my Civil War soldier-ancestor’s grave: Starting the year injured and uncertain about racing goals, I decided to focus on  destination runs. At the time, I didn’t do much running in our … Continue reading

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The 10 best things I ate in 2012

1. I’m still a sucker for gooey cheese pizzas, like the six-cheese Parlor City Pie at Tyeger’s Pizza in Bluffton, but one of the tastiest pizzas I had this year was a simple pita pizza  made at home:  Two dates … Continue reading

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Top 3 sources of inspiration from 2012

1. Before heading out into the howling snow for yesterday’s run, I re-read “The days that make you strong,” a riveting piece of writing by a tough-as-nails blogger called Sweaty Kid, then based in Alaska. That post, written by somebody … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Christmas feeding frenzy

My brother Brent paused during this Christmas chip-dipping frenzy and insisted we document it because it reminded him of a cake-eating frenzy he’d once seen on an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Apparently the characters are mowing down a cake … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

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Running over to visit the new Christmas baby

Here’s the payoff for all those destination runs, building up distance to stretch the boundaries of the neighborhood: I got to “run over” to see my new niece last week. I didn’t have time for the 10-mile round trip, but … Continue reading

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Pecan-topped pumpkin dessert

This holiday season I’ve been obsessed with finding a lower-calorie dessert that incorporates the tastes of two of my favorites: pumpkin pie and pecan pie. This pecan-topped pumpkin dessert is the closest I’ve come so far. I’ve got it down … Continue reading

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Ellen’s fruit wonderland (and cranberry poppers update)

After last year’s holiday heart-transplant drama, it was nice to be back at Uncle Dan and Aunt Ellen’s house for the Decker Christmas — and even nicer, given an uneven recovery that took much longer than expected, to have the … Continue reading

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Putting a holiday treat to the Grinch test

Can Christmas come without a big red and green bag of Peanut M&Ms? A year ago, the prospect of going without a holiday treat dating back to childhood — when our stockings always contained a big bag we didn’t have … Continue reading

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Rookie runner finished 2 half marathons in 1st year

One of the suprises when I started attending Weight Watchers meetings again with my mom was that a regular I remembered from nearly three years ago, Sammi Cole,  had not only taken up running, but had finished two half marathons. … Continue reading

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