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A kid’s point of view: My blog anniversary AND my last day of elementary school!

By Colleen, age 11 Today is the last day of school, my fifth grade graduation to middle school AND the one-year anniversary of me writing these Friday blog posts. What a day! I am excited and nervous to graduate from … Continue reading

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My new ‘Big Mac’

I officially edited Big Macs out of my diet back in November 2011 (along with all other fast-food sandwiches with “He-Man”-style names like Whopper and Quarter Pounder.) “As a former tom boy, I can appreciate the urge to enjoy equal … Continue reading

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Human Motor Miles vs. Low-Carb Commuting

Some pretty good suggestions have been made in my search for a new name for my sustainability miles project, but the two finalists appear to be “Human Motor Miles” (inspired by a local triathlon store called Human Motor Works) and … Continue reading

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Cool pool a fitness multi-tasker’s dream

You gotta love it when your kids’ new favorite place to swim just happens to be your favorite place to work out. The girls already loved going to the Jorgensen YMCA because it’s got so many kid-friendly options, including a … Continue reading

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A mild case of Running Mii Disorder  

I’m still not sure what to make of Friday’s “long run.” Did I push too hard and run out of gas? Or was it a good workout, with some faster intervals in the middle and a cool down the last … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: A new bike!

By Colleen, age 11 Last weekend I got a new bike! Well, it is not exactly new and it is not much to look at but I LOVE IT!!! Mom and I were looking for a drop-bar bike I could … Continue reading

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Microbe-pleasing black bean brownies

Earlier this week I referred to a Scientific American article that talks about how dark chocolate increases arterial flow. But what really fascinated me about this article was how microbes in your colon convert both the antioxidants and the fiber … Continue reading

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The ‘tastes thin’ boundary

I used to really hate hearing that old phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels.” It rings true, which is why it’s so often repeated. But if you’re a long way off from feeling thin – if you … Continue reading

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Run/walk experiment No. 5: 4 minutes faster on a 5-miler

I figured my pattern of faster times using a 4:1 run/walk ratio would disappear below the 7-mile mark. Not so. My time over 4 laps (5 miles) at the Ossian trail doing a regular run was  54:42:03. Walking every fifth … Continue reading

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Is distance running bad for your health?

My dad inspired me to run my first marathon. Now he’s trying to talk me out of doing another one. The problem is all the buzz lately about the potential long-term danger of “chronic” endurance exercise. Marathoning in particular has … Continue reading

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