Running-induced rhinitis revisited

The epilogue to Friday’s breakout run was that it led to a couple of days of fairly intense sinus dysfunction.

Apparently this is something that happens when I really push myself in cold weather; all that icy air rips through my sinuses like some kind of pressurized storm system. It’s way more than a mere runny nose, and there’s even a name for it, apparently: running-induced rhinitis.

This happened to me about three Thanksgivings in a row after really pushing the pace   during the Galloping Gobbler. I couldn’t figure out why I always came down with a nasty cold on Thanksgiving. Now I know, and I’m more careful to just enjoy the festiveness of that race if I want to enjoy the festiveness of the holiday afterward.

As for Friday’s run, I’m not really sorry about pushing the pace, even though I was miserable afterward. The memory of that seemingly transformational run will last a lot longer than my memory of using up all the Kleenex in the house.

Besides, if I keep working at it, then it won’t be so hard on my respiratory system in the future.

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