The running-induced runny nose barrier

I used to think it was weird that I always come down with a bad cold on Thanksgiving Day. Based on my recent training for last weekend’s  treadmill race, now I know what’s really happening: Running-induced rhinitis.

It could be worse. Based on what I’ve read online, aerobic exercise produces a histamine in some people that gives then a pretty significant nasal drip — almost like they’re “allergic” to exercise. I don’t seem to have a problem with it unless I push my respiratory system past a certain threshold. Like during the annual Galloping Gobbler 4-miler, when I always get all excited and push myself to run faster than I’m used to.

In my treadmill training, I could run 6.8 mph without any problems. But after my only 7 mph training run, my sinuses were pretty seriously messed up for nearly 24 hours.

It was enough of a hassle that I found myself resisting another attempt at that speed. I did a couple more 6.8 mph training sessions and was fine afterward. But after I ran 7 mph at the indoor triathlon, my sinuses started flooding so bad I was basically out of commission the rest of the day.

From what I’ve read, it might help to take allergy medicine about an hour before attempting to run at or past my sinus barrier. And I’m assuming that if I get in better shape I can push my threshold to higher speeds.

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2 Responses to The running-induced runny nose barrier

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Well I’ll be…

  2. I always credited my runny nose when I ride to the cold air.

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