Low-carb commuting miles for July

This month I packed all my low-carb cycling miles – 42 – into a four-day period. In a July 22 post I was all psyched to be carrying my bike around on the back of the car like a built-in escape hatch for any situation I wanted to flee ahead of the rest of the gang, now that our son has his license.

The very next day, my hamstring gave out on a 5K time trial. I haven’t been able to run or cycle much since.

Technically, it’s debatable whether I should count any of these miles, considering that all of them came on a return trip from somewhere that I arrived by car. But I’m inclined to do it, for this reason: All I’m doing here is competing with myself. If this were a bet or a group competition, I’m pretty sure this would be cheating. But come next year, if I’m still doing this, I can look at July and see that I have zero miles to beat or 42 miles to beat. The second scenario is the one that makes me work harder in 2015, so that’s the one I’m going with.

In terms of vehicle miles, I came up with 2,129, including 500 miles from the second half of a trip to Tennessee. That was a few hundred less than June’s 2,596-mile total, and I don’t really have any idea why at this point. Hopefully the longer I track these figures, the more sense I’ll be able to make of them.

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