Experimenting with the Slow Carb Diet

Since I’m not much of a meat eater I never had much interest in trying the Slow Carb Diet touted in Tim Ferriss’ The Four-Hour Body, even though I’m a huge fan of the book in general.

But I knew I needed to shake things up if I wanted to avoid gaining weight while recovering from a hamstring injury, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I haven’t stepped on the scale yet because I wanted to commit to a 10-day experiment and I don’t want to get derailed if the results don’t match my expectations. But six days in, I’m loving how much better my clothes are fitting.

4-hour-bodyThe basic framework is simple but Spartan six days a week – primarily lean meats, veggies, beans, tomatoes and avocadoes – followed by a “cheat day” on which you’re allowed (and even encouraged) to go nuts. (For more details, see this post on Ferriss’ blog.)

Though I don’t expect to become a Slow Carb Convert, it’s been interesting – and frankly, somewhat of a relief – to follow such a simple regimen. Because you’re encouraged to come up with 3-4 basic meals that you repeat throughout the week, it shuts down my usual tendencies to spend way too much time thinking about food.

Here are some other things I’ve liked about this project thus far:

*I thought I’d hate giving up fruit. But I like the idea that what I might want to grab first come “cheat day” is a banana or a big handful of blueberries.

*It helps me do a better job of processing the produce we get from Green Bean Delivery. I’m pretty maniacal about not wasting organic produce, but realistically I’d give myself a B- in this area. Now, because I need veggies for every meal (including breakfast), everything gets chopped up and bagged for easy access and quick meals.

*I like “banking” my cravings for later in the week – though I really haven’t had many after the first couple of days. (Which is a good thing, since my “cheat day” is still a few days off, given my 10-day timeframe.)

*It’s interesting to explore what feels decadent inside such a limited universe of options.  You’re allowed a glass of dry red wine in the evening, for example, and while I’ve only indulged a couple of times thus far, it feels like an exquisite treat.

Like I said, this is an experiment. I’m unlikely to get too attached to any diet that involves much meat consumption. But I’m already seeing how I could benefit from the kind of dietary discipline this project requires.

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