Low-carb commuting progress (sort of)

After whining about my low-carb commuting frustration last week, I decided I just needed to … do it. Or do something, anyway. Despite the fact that I hadn’t been on my bike at all in a couple of weeks, I had my son drive me to work last Thursday so he could have the car – thus forcing me to ride the 22 miles home, ready or not.

It was more “not” than I expected, due to the fact that Colleen had been fooling around on my bike and hadn’t raised the seat back up (a maneuver which requires a tool I didn’t have with me).

To make matters worse, my speedometer wasn’t working and my left crank was clanking against the kickstand. At first I didn’t see how I could possibly endure this for 22 miles, but I just plugged away for awhile and decided that even though the circumstances were far from ideal, it was workable.

And it was. After having two of those three problems tended to back home – I’m still without a speedometer for the moment – I wound up riding back from my sister’s house after Friday’s trail run at the state park (5.5 miles running, followed by 10 miles on the bike). Then Sunday night I rode another 10 miles home from the 4-H Fair.

I didn’t ride to work Monday because I got back kinda late by my standards – it was nearly 10 p.m. and almost completely dark by the time I pedaled into the driveway. So I decided to “sleep in” until 4 a.m. and just drive.

Still, I like the idea of hauling my bike around to give me more freedom of movement when the kids and I are combining errands on trips into town. On Friday morning, for instance, the kids were helping me at the library book sale but had no interest in waiting around for me to finish my run, so Ben drove them home while I rode back later. On Sunday they wanted to play baseball with their cousins after their fair duties were over, so they stayed in town while I came home.

It’s not the same thing as eliminating car trips. But it’s getting me on my bike more, has me thinking about getting on my bike more, and it’s an interesting change to ride as hard as I can not necessarily because I’m training for something so much as because I want to get somewhere by a specific time. (Like, say, before it’s so dark I’m likely to get squashed by a semi. Even with bike lights, big trucks blowing by me in the dark freak me out.)

Meanwhile, I’m still driving way too much: 421 miles this past week. 😦

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