Cool cycling event coming to town

Searching for a Sunday sprint triathlon to fit my tricky schedule, I found the perfect tuneup event right here in my hometown — a 20K bike race that I never even knew existed.

The Colavita-Zipp Time Trial Series takes place in venues throughout Indiana and Ohio. Participants compete for points throughout the season, and the fastest racer at each event wins $500. Judging from the photos posted, there are some pretty serious riders who’ll be coming to Bluffton Sept. 16.

But coordinator Roger Bowersock of Greenville, Ohio, assured me that I wouldn’t be out of place if I sign up.

“We welcome anyone with a bicycle,” he wrote in an e-mail. “You do not have to be an experienced cyclist.  We have riders 6 to 84 and everything from people who just started riding to some very fast people.  You do not have to have a special bike or anything, just a helmet.”

The course starts at the Bluffton Middle School and heads out State Road 116, through Vera Cruz and around Ouabache State Park before finishing up back at the middle school. Cyclists depart from the start every minute or so over about a 90-minute period. And Bowersock wasn’t kidding about the age thing; there’s a category for cyclists 80-89.

I told my dad he ought to sign up, in part because the course passes near my parents’ house but mostly because it sounds like fun. He didn’t object too strenuously, so we’ll see.

Entry fee is a reasonable $25 and kids under 18 ride for free.

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