The ice cream diet

Do you ever wonder what your daily menu would look like typed up as a “diet” in some women’s magazine?

There was nobody sitting outside on the day I was there, not when it was 106 degrees…

Last Thursday, which tied for Fort Wayne’s hottest day on record at 106 degrees, my “menu” included five servings of ice cream interspersed through the day — and the next morning I was down nearly a pound.

I‘m not saying an ice cream diet is a good idea. And I should note that the other things on my menu that day — apples, carrots, Fiber One cereal, a couple of bananas and a couple of boiled egg white sandwiches — were both nutritious and low in fat and calories.

The calorie hit for all that ice cream wasn’t too bad, either: Each serving was about 150 calories, for a total of around 750. That’s close to half a day’s calorie total for me right there. But on such a hot day I thought it was a fun and worthy sacrifice.

For the record, I had two Skinny Cow ice cream bars, two McDonald’s lowfat vanilla cones and a “baby cup” of no sugar added butter pecan at the Old 27 ice cream shop in Decatur — which appeared as a Mecca in the heat as I walked around downtown looking for wi-fi after the library turned out to be closed.

(Why is it that whenever we visit a local small town for a summer sporting event — in this case, a swim meet — I’m drawn like a magnet to these dinky little ice cream stands? I swear I didn’t even know this one existed.)

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