Taking the tribe on an ‘Indian run’


My niece Monroe, 12, takes the lead at the front, followed by Colleen, 13; my sister Traci, me, Ben, 18; and Mason, 15. 

We’ve gotten into this habit of trying some kind of fun fitness thing when we get together at my parents’ house for Sunday dinner. In the past we’ve done different kinds of circuit workouts or relay races. Yesterday half a dozen of us took off on an “Indian run.”

This is something the kids have to do from time to time at their sports practices. The idea is to run single file with your teammates, and when you find yourself at the end of the line, then you sprint up to the front.

We took off in 90-degree heat, knowing we were just going for half a mile, to the short end of the road and back. There was a certain amount of difficulty coming up with a pace everyone could agree on. A couple of overzealous types took off way too fast, making it difficult for those in the rear to make it up to the front, but eventually we settled into something halfway workable.

FullSizeRender (3)Just as we hit the turnaround, my sister-in-law Darcy arrived on the golf cart with 2-year-old Kobi, who was determined to join us. Instead of just falling into line, though, he raced to the end of the line at the end of the road – and promptly wiped out on the gravel.

My son Ben, who was wearing a borrowed pair of Grandpa’s dress socks for this excursion, scooped Kobi up and ran with him for a while before depositing him back in the golf cart.

Eventually our “line” broke up into two groups based on pace differences, but everyone finished. There was some disagreement as to whether this qualified as a fun family activity. Needless to say, it will be up to the grumblers to come up with the next new activity. (As long as we’re moving, I don’t really care what it is.)


Mason and Monroe were testing out Enduracool cooling bandanas. Both agreed that their headbands stayed nice and chilly long after having been dunked in cold water.  You can buy them online, but they picked theirs up at Lowe’s. 

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