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Taking the tribe on an ‘Indian run’

We’ve gotten into this habit of trying some kind of fun fitness thing when we get together at my parents’ house for Sunday dinner. In the past we’ve done different kinds of circuit workouts or relay races. Yesterday half a … Continue reading

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An 80-year-old’s workout kicks my butt

When a guy I interviewed recently for a diabetes magazine told me he controls his blood sugar with daily stair-running, I couldn’t resist giving his workout a try. Having recently climbed up a 25-story skyscraper without pausing to catch my … Continue reading

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A kids’ point of view: My love-hate relationship with Athletes With Purpose

By Colleen, age 12 The word AWP brings feelings of both hate and appreciation. I hate it because it is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. I appreciate it because I know it makes me a better basketball player. … Continue reading

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Treadmill ‘sprints’ produce a PR — and a muscle pull

Did an impromptu attempt at a 200-meter PR cost me a shot at the 5K I’ve been training for the past eight weeks? At the time, cranking the treadmill all the way up to its maximum of 12 mph for … Continue reading

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5K Race Training: Week 1

This was my first week on Hal Higdon’s advanced 5K 8-week training plan. Not surprisingly, I didn’t wind up following it very closely. Still, it helped to see what was supposed to happen over the course of the week, and … Continue reading

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First marathon in just (gulp!) 6 weeks

Holy crap! I’ve been accepted into the Maple Leaf Marathon – just 6 weeks away! This is an indoor race at Goshen College on Feb. 22 and 23 – 204 laps around a 208-meter track, with runners changing direction every … Continue reading

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Tough-as-Traci’s toenails training

Anytime I start to doubt my sister’s running resolve, I should remember this picture. I found it stored on my phone this weekend, taken after a run a few weeks ago in which one of Traci’s toenails had been gouging … Continue reading

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The infectious ‘workout bug’ — Pass it on

So I get home from work the other day and I’m all irritated that Ben’s apparently still in bed at 11 a.m. Then I get this text: “ I might need you to pick me up.” Turns out he got … Continue reading

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