5K Race Training week 4: Ouchy shins

Last week my sister and I were riding a wave of momentum on Hal Higdon’s Advanced 5K Training Program. This week we felt sluggish and sore, especially in our lower legs, which I will refrain from calling shin splints.

This was a low-mileage week with a time trial at the end. So we did less running than usual, but still too much pounding on pavement given our leg soreness. This week we hope to get back on the trail and plan to do our speed work on a softer gravel road or maybe even grass.

Memorial Day: Easy 3-mile run. What I did: Nothing much. I had to work my typical early a.m. shift and then drove up to Angola for my son’s last high school baseball game of the season. (They finished 22-3 and were ranked 2nd in the state in 3A, only to get knocked off in sectionals.)  We didn’t get back until late afternoon, I was beat from a short night with another early a.m. start awaiting, and the Y was closed so I didn’t even do my usual swimming.

Tuesday: 9 x 200 at 800-meter pace. Turns out that Traci’s cul-de-sac is just about exactly .125 mile, or about 220 yards, so that’s what we did. Our times ranged from 46-49 seconds. Last time we did these we were just guessing at the distance and we followed up with a 400-meterish recovery break. In this workout we ran down and walked back, so we cut our recovery distance in half.

Wednesday: Rest or easy run. Jogged 3 miles at the state park, followed by a quick 4-5 miles riding my bike around the park. Got the derailleur fixed and had a new tire put on. Wish I’d had more time, but it felt great to have a functioning bike again.

Thursday: 35-minute tempo run. We did 3 miles on the River Greenway with half a mile warmup and cooldown and the middle 2 miles around a 10-minute pace. I was disappointed in our pace but it was midday and hot in the sun, and we felt it.

Friday: Rest or easy run.  Given how sore our legs have felt this week, and with a time trial coming up on Sunday, I decided to take my bike out instead of a run. Rode 15 miles, ranging from 18 mph with the wind at my back to 9 mph toiling against it head-on. (I really hope the highway crew finishes paving our road soon and doesn’t leave it in its current pressed-gravel state. Ick!)

Saturday: Rest. Went for an 800-meter swim at the Y.

Sunday: 5K test. We’d planned to do this as a trail run but the torrential rain over the weekend derailed those plans. Instead we did 3 miles on the hilly roads near Vera Cruz that are a pretty good match for the hills in the Waterfall 5K, with the toughest hills at the beginning and end. I had no idea what our time was going to be on those hills, but we weren’t dissatisfied with 30:45. For now.

Total mileage: 12.5  miles.

Cross training: 800-meter swim, 20 miles on the bike.

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3 Responses to 5K Race Training week 4: Ouchy shins

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Going through the growing pains always sucks… I’m following my best spring ever (by almost 600 miles (!) with some seriously tough events coming up – in fact, all summer long. I’ve got stuff aching that I didn’t even know could ache. Still, I feel ultra-strong so it’s not all bad.

    Keep pushing Tisch. Good luck and heal fast. 👊🏼

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