A kid’s point of view: Love my new Fitbit!


Mom and I went on a First Day Hike on New Year’s Day. I got 5,000 steps, according to my FitBit.

By Colleen, age 12

Fitbit Flex. I finally have one! I absolutely love it! It tracks how many steps I get, calories I burn, miles I walk, my active minutes, and how well and how long I sleep. On the app, you can also track food intake, water consumed, and weight loss progress. I can even set up a vibrating alarm at a certain time.

fitbitThis is not a Christmas present, by the way. This is my prize for winning the Family Weight Loss Contest. (Part of it, that is. I am paying for part of it myself.) Our contest sort of fell apart because Christmas messed a lot of people up. Madison and I lost a total of 17 pounds (she had 6 and I had 11, despite being injured). Technically Aunt Traci and Rowan might have beat us, because Traci lost 14 and Rowan said she lost 8. But Rowan never weighed in on Christmas Day so it didn’t count.

I am aiming for 12,000 steps a day — just walking at this point, because I found out last week that I have a stress fracture instead of tendonitis. But eventually I want to build up to 20,000.

My favorite thing about this is that everything becomes a challenge, instead of something I just have to do.

The Flex is even comfortable to wear. I love it!

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1 Response to A kid’s point of view: Love my new Fitbit!

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Nice! Be nice to your bones too! Drink lots of milk – the vitamin D stuff too, not the watered down, sugar laden milk/water! Enjoy that fitbit, they are quite snazzy.

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