Kick off 2015 (and Janathon) with a First Day Hike

So 2015 has arrived. I like the sound of that number, though it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the second decade of the 21st century.

firstdayhikes Colleen and I plan to participate in Janathon again this year, in which people do some kind of workout every day of the month, documenting their experience on blogs or twitter. For me it’s a chance to switch up my usual running program and mix in some other fun workouts. To get us started, we’ll participate in today’s First Day Hike at Ouabache State Park.

According to the American Hiking Society, First Day Hikes are part of a nationwide initiative by America’s State Parks to get people outdoors. There are more than 400 hikes scheduled this year in all 50 states. Here in Indiana, the DNR has 32 First Day Hikes scheduled around the state. They aren’t very challenging, usually a mile or less, done in conjunction with an educational sightseeing component and typically followed up by hot chocolate. The one at Ouabache starts at 11 a.m. at the bison pen.

It’s not really a “workout,” as far as I’m concerned, but I like the idea of getting people to do something active outdoors in winter, so we’ll go just for the fun of it.  I probably won’t blog everyday about my Janathon workouts, but if you’re interested you can follow along on twitter @TanyaIschCaylor.




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