Trailblazer 5K


Ben, Colleen and I after Sunday’s Trailblazer 5K.

Colleen’s goal was to jog Sunday’s Trailblazer 5K without stopping or walking, and she nailed it — even though the course I’d advertised as flat turned out to have a few hills after all.

Though she smashed her previous PR by about 5 minutes, her pace — a little over 15 minutes a mile — wasn’t any faster than many of the walker-joggers who surrounded us. So was she any better off for refusing to allow herself to walk?

I think so. Time aside, jogging her first 5K start to finish is a huge mental victory. We’ll see what she has to say about the experience in her Friday post.

I was Colleen’s pacer, and Ben had fun running but got boxed in early on as 900 runners tried to squeeze onto a narrow running path. It was great there were so many runners, though, because this was a fundraiser for Fort Wayne Trails, which is now up to 60 miles of trails around the metro area.

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