The candy locker conundrum

We’d sort of forgotten about the candy locker over the summer, which is what typically happens during the warmer months when we’re getting most of our exercise outdoors.

The current candy locker isn't very conveniently located.

The current candy locker isn’t very conveniently located.

Now that it’s getting cooler again — and with Halloween and all the assorted treats that go with it coming up — it’s time to decide whether the locker’s current location is really feasible.¬†Problem No. 1 with stashing our excess holiday candy in an old locker at the newspaper building it that it’s not very close to where we live, and No. 2 is that there’s no gym in the building.

We’ve talked about working out at the downtown YMCA — which doesn’t allow locker use longer than the duration of your workout — and then stopping by the relocated candy locker, but that hasn’t really happened much. It would be nice to come up with something a bit closer.

“What if we locked it up in a storage chest at home and put a padlock on it that only you knew the combination to?” Colleen asked.

“No way!” I said. I can’t think of anything more dangerous than me having sole access to a storehouse of sugar munitions.

“What about a box at the Post Office?” Colleen brainstormed.

“Or a lock box at the bank?” I said, caught up in silly mode.

Another idea is returning to our old locker at the city gym. Even though we no longer have a gym key to work out there, it is a public building with “open gym” hours during which it’s available for free use by the general public. If the kids went to open gym on a regular basis, presumably they could maintain a locker there.

Whatever we decide, now that we’ve been reminded of the candy locker’s existence, there are some Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs calling our name. We’ve just got to figure out where to keep them, and what we’re going to do to earn them this time around.

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