Seduced by a stripped-down smoothie

This really was better than yet another ice cream cone…

So there I was after my 13.1 mile run the other day*, in the McDonald’s drive thru lane seeking what had to be my 100th lowfat vanilla cone of 2012, when that line from the Yonanas ad played in my head: “Tastes like soft serve ice cream!”

Yeah, yeah, I looked up that website advertised on the little sticker on my bananas, and I wasn’t impressed. What do I need a smoothie maker for when I’ve got a blender? And what idiot doesn’t know that most smoothies smoke your average milkshake in taste as well as nutrition?

Well, apparently I don’t, given how rarely I break out the blender and how frequently I hop in the drive thru lane at McDonald’s.

And then I remembered it was training diet day, in which I pay attention not just to how much I’m eating but what nutrients lie therein. A cone would taste cool and creamy going down, but it wasn’t great fuel. I pulled out of line and scurried home to my blender, where a short time later I was guzzling a tasty concoction with exactly three ingredients: bananas, raspberries and Godiva dark chocolate.

Ordinarily I’d prefer to savor biting into all three of those things in their unpureed separate states of solidity. And the smoothie turned out to be a bit more costly in terms of Weight Watchers points (6 vs. 4). But it felt great to satisfy my urge for something cool and creamy with a smattering of vitamins and minerals and 1,000+ mg of potassium.

*Yes, this was AFTER my sandwich from Mettler’s Fish Stand at the Bluffton Street Fair. What can I say? I was still hungry … and thirsty.

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1 Response to Seduced by a stripped-down smoothie

  1. triathlonobsession says:

    I completely rationalize that good high quality dark chocolate has antioxidents that way I can have a little bit every day! 🙂

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