The pool terrorist

How can you get mad at somebody who's so darn cute?

How can you get mad at somebody who’s so darn cute?

FIRST  she wins the family NCAA tournament pool, THEN she sabotages Traci and I’s first  swim workout in weeks. My niece Kyla was quite the pool terrorist this week, and she still hasn’t even hit her terrible twos!

My sister was babysitting Kyla, so we decided to meet for adult lap swim at the middle school pool and trade off watching our 16-month-old niece. I took the first half of the session, and I have to say Kyla was fine while I swam — no excuses there, other than how terribly out of “swim” shape I am!

But when it was Traci’s turn, Kyla threw a fit. Traci babysits her one day each week to give Grandma Linda a break, and they’ve developed quite a bond. I tried pushing her in the stroller next to the lane in which Traci was attempting to swim, but she was inconsolable. Finally I took her out to the car, where she got distracted making the kinds of little discoveries kids make at that age. (Still a little too chilly to push the stroller outdoors.)

Though it wasn’t an ideal workout, it was great to get back in the water again after a long layoff. Hopefully my sister and I can start running together again soon and figure out what races  we can talk various family members into participating in this summer. (Hmm… wonder if it’s too soon to start training Kyla for a relay triathlon….)


Look at those chubby legs. (Glad mine don't look like that anymore!)

Look at those chubby legs. (Glad mine don’t look like that anymore!)



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2 Responses to The pool terrorist

  1. Your niece is adorable! I’m sure you’ll be able to get better swims without kids around.

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