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Giving beer yoga a try

Beer yoga is supposed to be less intimidating, and I guess that’s true: There is no way under ordinary circumstances that I would stick around for a class that, due to the rain, only one other person showed up for. … Continue reading

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1 tiny change that’s made a big difference

“Writing is harder on my body than running is. I’m relaxed when I run. But when I write, I tend to hunch over my laptop, unconsciously flex certain random muscles, just basically distort my body into cramped, unnatural positions. Lately, … Continue reading

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A cool thing that happened when I hopped off the yoga treadmill

There’s a Chinese parable I read somewhere once about a farmer whose only horse ran away. “What terrible news!” his neighbors said. But the farmer replied, “Who knows what’s good or bad? Only time will tell.” The next day the … Continue reading

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Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon training: Week 1

There’s nothing like knowing you’ve got a marathon coming up in seven weeks to help you lock down your willpower on a weekend with not one but two huge family holiday gatherings full of goodies. Last time I ran this … Continue reading

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From fat to fit: a yoga instructor’s journey

It’s hard to imagine yoga instructor Megan Hunter, a 22-year-old triathlete who teaches sports nutrition at Saint Francis University, as anything but fit. But when I was talking to her for a recent story on office yoga, Hunter told me … Continue reading

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Running along a rising river, the pleasures of car-free commuting and an amazing hamstring stretch

Right now, sitting out on the deck of a Venice, Florida couple we consider to be friends as well as relatives, I’m increasingly torn between taking a few days off to let my hamstring fully heal and trying that 30-20-10 … Continue reading

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DIY outside yoga

I told myself that I’d treat yoga class like a doctor’s appointment. No skipping, or my neck would pay the price. But I didn’t really want to go, didn’t want to be cooped up in that room — especially after … Continue reading

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Yo-yo yoga

I hate this new yoga class. Correction: The class is not new. I am new to it. The teacher tells us to let go of any judgments we may have, but I can’t stop judging her. Her voice reminds me … Continue reading

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Swim drill that enhances yoga, running

I know if I want to get better at swimming I need to get out a kickboard once in a while, but it took a running book to actually make me do it. And my motivation had less to do … Continue reading

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Yoga pose for triathlon transition

So I put new shoelaces in my running shoes before Sunday’s triathlon — you know, the kind that lets you slip your shoes on without tying them — and while they did save me from tying the laces I still … Continue reading

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