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A second attempt at a multi-day fast

This morning marks Day 3 of my second attempt at a multi-day fast. Why try this again? Well, in a fasting experiment last month I went three days before I ran into a big family Easter gathering that made me … Continue reading

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The ‘tastes thin’ boundary

I used to really hate hearing that old phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels.” It rings true, which is why it’s so often repeated. But if you’re a long way off from feeling thin – if you … Continue reading

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Dealing with excess Easter bounty

Coming back from Grandma and Grandpa’s Easter shindig Sunday night, I tried to get out of the car with an armload of leftover desserts and wound up dropping the fruit pizza all over the driveway. “Good,” said Ben. “Now it … Continue reading

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How to eat 2 honey balls (instead of 10)

Wouldn’t it be sweet if recipes came with instructions on how to avoid overeating those tasty treats you’re whipping up? A couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for honey balls, my primary source of fuel during Saturday’s 50-mile … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: Will power

By Colleen, age 10 As I was getting ready for school Thursday morning, I saw a bunch of those Fiber One 90 calorie brownies. Now, part of my brain said “MUST DEVOUR. NO HESITATION.  GRAB ALL.” However, there was another … Continue reading

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