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Switching from physical to mental marathon prep

I didn’t really intend to go on another 2-hour treadmill run Friday, but the weather was crappier than expected and I didn’t want to risk falling on ice this close to the marathon. So I just went nice and slow, … Continue reading

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The 2-hour treadmill run

  The point of this workout was to get myself used to the idea of not just running a long distance,  but running for a long time. I wanted to see how it felt to chop a giant run up … Continue reading

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The Flintstones’ treadmill

A manual treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment you might expect to find in Fred Flintstone’s cave. There’s a swath of fabric on some rollers and handles to hold onto, and that’s where the similarities to what is conventionally … Continue reading

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Cranking up the calorie burn

I wasn’t thrilled, when this colder weather hit, to find myself increasingly running on a treadmill rather than my favorite jogging trail. But one of the cool things about hopping on a treadmill these days is that I don’t hesitate … Continue reading

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