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A ‘turning lemons into lemonade’ run

When my sister and I got to the state park for our trail run yesterday, we discovered it was once again closed for a “deer-reduction” hunt. After politely telling the clueless person manning the gatehouse that I’d appreciate it very … Continue reading

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Treadmill ladder pushes boundaries

My son’s been wanting me to try this workout he’s been doing lately where he does a 5-minute warmup jog at 5 mph (12 minutes per mile pace), then 1 minute at 6 mph (10 min. pace), 1 minute at … Continue reading

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Two runs in one

It’s ridiculous how much fun I’m having on the treadmill lately. On Saturday, I spent the first half of the IU-Purdue game working on a virtual hiking route to Alum Cave Bluffs*, then spent part of the second half doing … Continue reading

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‘Team workout’ generates fun new challenge

A couple of weeks ago I thought I couldn’t possibly handle more than 10 minutes of “mountain climbing” — walking 4 mph on a treadmill set at maximum incline (15%). At our first “team workout” at the Y this week, … Continue reading

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