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Holiday Food Log Day 2: Black Friday

Every once in awhile, when I want to stay focused or recover from eating too much or just don’t feel like “counting” anything – and when I don’t plan on a run that requires much in the way of carbs … Continue reading

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Focused vs. unfocused hunger

Why is it that on some days hunger can make me feel focused, while on other days it can make me feel stressed and out of control? I think it has to do with whether hunger is part of my … Continue reading

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Back-to-school eating and exercise excitement

Colleen just can’t seem to get it through her head that I don’t care if she has fruit snacks right after breakfast. I do care, of course. Usually I’d veto such a request. But she’s responsible for all her dietary … Continue reading

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Can you take your inner child along on your weight-loss journey?

I don’t know if it’s advisable, but that’s what I did. I doubt I would’ve ever gotten started if I’d felt like I had to solve all my eating issues before I set out or had to say no to … Continue reading

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