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Failure-proofing a 225-day streak

In a year when my running plans have been derailed by persistent injury, a ridiculously tiny fitness goal has taken on outsized importance. In fact, I’m not even going to tell you what it is just yet, it’s so humiliatingly … Continue reading

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Running during a 3-day fast

Here’s something I’ve never tried before: Going for a run on Day 3 of a fast. Well, actually I’ve never gone three days without food before, either, so make that two new things. As so often happens, I just kind … Continue reading

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Flax seed ‘mug muffin’ experiment

I’m always intrigued by those cake-in-a-mug recipes but resist them for obvious reasons. Then yesterday I came across a “healthy breakfast mug muffin” attributed to Four-Hour Body author Tim Ferriss during an appearance on the “Dr. Oz” show. Naturally I … Continue reading

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Seize the Pigout!

“Mom, you’re lucky your birthday falls on a Tuesday this year,” Ben said last night, noticing me help myself to an extra slice of pizza. “That way you can pig out on your birthday.” I don’t go crazy on Tuesdays. … Continue reading

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What would Tim Ferriss do on Black Friday?

Getting sucked into Black Friday is the epitome of herd thinking. Bitching about Black Friday is just as sheeplike — judging from the way everybody who doesn’t go feels compelled to gripe about the stupidity of those who do in … Continue reading

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