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Team tops 40-pound mark

Everybody on the Fitness Protection Program lost at least a pound this week, and Ben and Colleen dropped two pounds each. According to our unofficial records, Ben’s lost 12 pounds, I’ve lost 10.8, Colleen’s lost 9.8 and Rowan’s lost 9.0. … Continue reading

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Cassie kills a dinosaur

Cassie was carrying her plate into the kitchen yesterday when she noticed an open bag of tortilla chips on the counter. She paused for just a moment before depositing her dish in the sink. “You know what, Mom?” she said. … Continue reading

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The best kids’ workout ever

For years, I signed my kids up for group swimming lessons, only to watch them sit on the side of the pool waiting their turn to get in the water. They weren’t highly motivated to learn the strokes, and they … Continue reading

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