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Low-Carbon Commuting Miles for June

Our Tennessee trip didn’t do much for my low-carb communting miles for June. Our mountaintop condo was accessible only by steep switchbacks with no sidewalks and scary drop-offs, so there were no walks to the local convenience store for milk … Continue reading

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Construction and the ‘car habit’

I always think I’m going to walk to any downtown after-work errands, but I rarely do because I’m always in a hurry. (It’s not that I mind walking to the library or wherever, but I hate the idea of walking … Continue reading

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A ‘sustainable living’ stepping stone

In this week’s News-Sentinel column I talked about moving past “eating large” as a weight-control tool and learning to eat less to support a more sustainable lifestyle. One of the questions I’ve been considering: Is my signature voluminous plate of stir-fried … Continue reading

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