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Reflections on infinite pie for Thanksgiving

Funny how after four months of weekly cheat days with some truly stupendous pigouts, I’m now looking forward to a gentle, mindful meal tomorrow afternoon. I want to savor tastes and smells. To tune in to gratitude. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Why cheat day is worth it – even after a 7-POUND one-day gain

I don’t always let myself go as much as I did this past Saturday, but I was in the mood for a no-holds-barred cheat day and I went for it – only to wake up 7 pounds heavier Sunday morning. … Continue reading

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The ‘tastes thin’ boundary

I used to really hate hearing that old phrase, “Nothing tastes as good as feeling thin feels.” It rings true, which is why it’s so often repeated. But if you’re a long way off from feeling thin – if you … Continue reading

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The holiday sugar detox

We make 200 food decisions every day, according to this statistic I heard at Weight Watchers. The other night at Brent and Darcy’s baby shower, I probably made 2 dozen decisions about the cake alone. The first dozen or so … Continue reading

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Recalculating tree juice economics

It’s hard to get food more local than this: Maple syrup tapped from trees about half a mile from our kitchen. I was running by the woods one day when some guys were collecting buckets of sap. I asked where … Continue reading

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An Easter eating strategy

“Sugar the commodity forged its own path, conquering taste buds and, despite its lack of nutritional value, establishing itself as a culinary necessity in millions of pantries. … Social rituals developed around sugar: elaborately iced wedding cakes, chocolate bunnies at … Continue reading

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