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Swimming 1 mile for the first time ever

Does it count if I did it sidestroke? I know, I know.  I should be using the YMCA 8-week triathlon to work on my freestyle stroke in the event I get around to doing a triathlon this year. But I … Continue reading

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The ‘whim triathlon’ training schedule

One of the problems with deciding to do a triathlon with just four weeks lead time is that I had to start in week 7 of the 10-week training schedule I was ostensibly going to use. I’d been running about … Continue reading

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How the Navy Seals teach sidestroke

If you want to improve your sidestroke, go to the experts: the Navy Seals. This is the stroke they teach for both stealth swimming and long-haul swimming. There’s no “arm in the apple basket” lingo here; the arm movements are … Continue reading

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Fish bait?

I couldn’t wait to meet Traci at the pool this week to see if she could manage a 500-yard swim, which I hoped would convince her this upcoming triathlon isn’t the nuttiest idea I’ve ever had. Like me, my sister … Continue reading

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The ‘whim’ triathlon

So I haven’t run any races this year and now, out of the blue, I’m training for a triathlon that’s less than four weeks away. Am I nuts? Probably. But I’m also incredibly excited, because I always thought I was … Continue reading

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