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The inner whiner and goal erosion

Usually I think of my battle with the Inner Whiner as being an in-the-moment kind of a thing – a question of resisting temptation, whether related to food or fitness, right here and right now. But now I see that … Continue reading

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The importance of learning the course in setting a PR

I’ve found two more races I want to try to win (age group) in 2015. One is a small trail race, and the other is a road race with over 1,000 runners. Frankly, I was surprised to see the winning … Continue reading

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This year’s ridiculous running goal

  January’s coming to a close and I still haven’t written up my running goals for the year. Mostly that’s because I was so focused on last year’s breakout goals – running my first marathon and running the HUFF 50k … Continue reading

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