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The ‘Live to Eat’ brain

1.  (The cartoon doesn’t look as good online as it does in the print version, but they don’t publish newspaper pages on the web, just content.) 2. For the details on the experiment that ended my quarter pounder fixation, click … Continue reading

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A super cool Mother’s Day gift

My husband stopped buying me presents years ago because I’m the world’s worst gift recipient. I overanalyze everything, fret about the cost and consistently fail to display the proper amount of unbridled joy (even when I try really hard).   … Continue reading

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Pickle pizza?

OK, so we got the idea from Papa John’s, and technically it’s a cheeseburger pizza with pickles on it. I wanted to use our thin-cut homemade dills, but Ben insisted on Vlasic Zesty Bread & Butter Chips. It didn’t taste … Continue reading

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Going nuts over cashew pizza

Could I give up meat and cheese if I could eat nuts whenever I felt like it? Well, I sure wasn’t missing either one on this pizza, which was basically a meatless Hawaiian number with chopped onions and pineapple on … Continue reading

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1-point pepperoni pizza

The magic number with turkey pepperoni is three slices. It’s the perfect amount for a snack-sized pizza, and it’s as much as you can get away with for zero Weight Watchers points. Add one more, and you’ve got to take … Continue reading

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Billionaire’s Bacon Pizza: Regular vs. ‘Lite’

Earlier this week I was editing a food story on bacon butter pizza that simultaneously repulsed yet captivated me. I wasn’t really interested in the 1,000- calories-a-serving “meat candy” pie, but I was tempted to try to streamline it. Fast-forward to … Continue reading

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Ragu’s on a roll: 144 and counting

When we last heard from our old pal Ragu back in January, she’d lost 105 pounds and vowed to do a 5K every month in 2012. Well, guess what: Not only has she kept that vow — most recently completing … Continue reading

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